Restore and Maintain Optimum Health

Stress takes an insidious toll on our lives, affecting not just the body, but our minds and spirits as well. The connection between stress and illness is indisputable, but with proper care, it can be minimized and avoided. Therapeutic massage relieves tension in your muscles and reduces stress and anxiety while encouraging relaxation. We believe a calm state helps boost your immune system and enhances recovery on many levels of being.

Welcome to Mountain Therapeutics, a sanctuary for health and wellness. Our sole focus is to help you relax, restore, rejuvenate, and recover naturally and consciously.  Our exceptional training and experience brings a whole-person integrative approach to recovery and wellness. An Integrative approach for enhanced wellbeing and awareness may include massage therapy for relaxation and rehabilitation, dietary consultation and detoxification, and yoga exercise and breathing. Clients have been utilizing us for our clinical experence, idividualized attention, hands on perspective and extensive trainings in wholistic hands-on therapies. Our private practice is comfortable, private, and conveneint to Route 7. Our soul purpose is to serve and support you in your health and recovery. Mountain Therapeutics has been in continual service since 1993.

For most of us, the ceaseless demands of daily life deplete our physical and mental reserves while keeping us outwardly focused. Massage therapy, yoga and proper nutrition draw our attention inward, providing calm and balance. Focusing on the present moment allows us to reflect and become aware of what is before us. David, mobile 203 512 5931 and Marisa, mobile 203 512 8233 will help restore balance and bring perspective to your life by releasing those constricting forces that cause you to feel pain and stress.

Experience enhanced wellness, optimal functioning and clear awareness. Only when we feel better in our body/mind can we feel better in the world.